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We are a new women's international football team in Berlin. We were formed in June 2010 in connection with British Lions FC / Britische Löwen FC. We've been growing steadily in numbers and began our first season in September 2010. We are very enthusiastic and are on a mission to build a really successful, but somewhat more importantly, fun and social team with a really good team spirit. We are the only English (in combination with many other languages spoken on and off the pitch!) speaking women's team in Berlin with players from all around the world. We are always looking for players who are interested in joining us for some fun, fitness and friendships! It involves just a little commitment - we train twice a week and we play matches most weekends (either Saturday or Sundays - see match schedule) in the women's 7 a-side Berzirks league. If you are interested just get in touch :). Come on you Lionesses!!!


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